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china manufacturer manufacturer wholesaler Quality Small Gasoline Diesel Farm Garden Power Tiller Cultivator Rotary Tillage Machine Walking Tractor Disc Harrow Spare Parts 500 800 900 Chain manufacturers

Item Description

Top quality Tiny Gasoline Diesel Farm Yard CZPT Tiller Cultivator Rotary Tillage CZPT Strolling Tractor Disc Harrow CZPT Areas 500 800 900 Chain

Notes: What you see is ONLY a Tiny Portion of CZPT products Scope, you are delighted to let us know your actual elements need so that we can supply you the Proper Elements with Right Cost, Just Proper with US!

We Also CZPT CZPT designs of Tiller Areas , Feel Free to make contact with us for far more info. Can Also Check CZPT On-line to get CZPT most current updates.

Regardless of whether you are constructing from scratch or updating an existing undertaking, obtaining the right size for your roller chain is a vital 1st selection. To correctly evaluate a roller chain, you require to know the general width, diameter, and width of the rollers, plate thickness, and peak.
china manufacturer  manufacturer  wholesaler Quality Small Gasoline Diesel Farm Garden Power Tiller Cultivator Rotary Tillage Machine Walking Tractor Disc Harrow Spare Parts 500 800 900 Chain manufacturers

china shop Tractor Snow Chain Used for Mining Tire Chains for OTR Tyre manufacturers

Product Description

Spot of Origin ZheJiang CZPT Engineering Forging
Packing Wood circumstance / ton bag / iron frame Shade Black
Quenching hardness 56-60HRC function environmen Quarrying, mining, underground mining, tunnel
Texture of materials Alloy metal Service existence 5000-12000Hour
Brand KTS Application OTR truck

Loader Tyre CZPT Chain Supplier

A   tire defense chain 
The tyre safety chain is a near mesh of alloy,hardened metal chain .And also it is named OTR tire protection chain.Due to the fact it is primarily utilized on loader and heavy-obligation vehicles.It protects the tread and sidewalls of tyres.

B Purpose of  tyre security chain?
Sharp edged rock,muddy and slippery surfaces are a fantastic hazard to tyres.And tyre is much expensive than a chain .Equment downtime and decline of productivity are the outcome of sudden tyre failure.

C The edge of CZPT goods:
one.Strengthening the support existence of tires substantially.
two.Working lifestyle can volume to thousands of hours.
three. Rising your efficiency.
4.Large high quality and affordable value.

D Functioning situation:
2.Underground construction
four. Destructor plant
5.Glass and tile function problems
six. The floor of the severe setting

Characteristics of tyre safety chains:
one.Various measurements: 23.5-twenty five, 26.5-25, 29.5-25, 35/sixty five-33…
2.Content of link: Alloy steel Materials of ring: 20CrMnTi
3.Technological process: Forged & casting
four.Different type: Strengthened, anti-skid, anti-puncture, heat-resistance, ordinary…
5.Software: ZL15 ZL30 ZL5O ZL60, CAT966, CAT980, CAT988, CAT992, KLD85, KLD95,KLD110Z, WA400, WA600

We have the dimensions are 16/70-20,twenty.5-twenty five 23.5-25,26.5-25 and so on..They adapt to inner:ZL30,ZL40ZL50, ZL60 ,ZL80 ,CAT966 ,CAT980 ,CAT988, CAT992 ,KLD85 ,KLD95,KLD1102,WA400,WA600ect.

This variety of chain is used in the initial levels of electricity transmission advancement. When the sprocket moves closer to or absent from the teeth, sound is produced as the enamel rub against the connecting rod. These sorts of chains are employed to some extent for lower-speed conveyor chains.
china shop Tractor Snow Chain Used for Mining Tire Chains for OTR Tyre manufacturers

08b-2 Agricultural Walking Tractor Chain and Rotary Cultivator Chain with 12A-2, 12ah-2, 16A-2

08b-2 Agricultural Walking Tractor Chain and Rotary Cultivator Chain with 12A-2, 12ah-2, 16A-2

ISO 606 CZPT Agricultural Roller Chain and CZPT Chain are fabricated, with alloy metal and stainless steel choice according to your requirement


one, Chain types: Roller Chain, conveyor chain, transmission chain, motorcycle roller chain, silent chains, oil pump chains, weld metal drag chains, plastic chains and so on

two, Primary resources: It is 40Mn. 40Cr, 45Mn alloy metal, SUS304, and POM CZPT for plates, ten#, twenty#, 20CrMnMo, 30CrMnTi for pins and rollers

three, Heat treatment method: Carburizing, Austemper Stressing, nitro-caburizing harden and many others

4, Area: Shot peening, black, blue or authentic

5, Package deal way: CZPT bag+ carton box+ plywood case

S type steel agricultural chains
Chain No. Pitch Roller diameter Width between inner plates Width between outer plates Depth of chain plates Pin diameter Pin length Plate thickness Ultimate tensile strength Weight per meter
p d1(Max) b1(min) b3(min) h2(Max) d2(Max) b4(Max) T(Max) Qo(min) Q
mm mm mm mm mm mm mm mm Kn Kg/m
S32 29.21 11.forty three fifteen.88 twenty.57 13.five 4.47 26.seven 1.8 eight .86
S32-H 29.21 eleven.forty three fifteen.88 20.57 thirteen.five 4.forty seven 26.7 2 17.5 .88
S32V 29.21 11.43 fifteen.88   13.5 five.08 29.seven 2.one twenty five .96
S42 34.ninety three 14.27 19.05 25.65 19.eight seven.01 34.3 2.8 26.seven .96
S42-H 34.93 14.27 19.05 twenty five.65 19.8 7.01 34.3   41  
S45 forty one.4 15.24 22.23 28.96 seventeen.3 5.seventy four 38.1 2.8 17.eight one.six
S45-H 41.four fifteen.24 22.23 28.ninety six 17.3 5.seventy four 38.one   32  
S45HF1 forty one.four 15.24 22.23   seventeen.three 7.fourteen 39.five three 36.75 two
S55HSD 41.four 17.78 22.23   twenty.four eight.27 39.five three forty five two.nine
S52 38.one fifteen.24 22.23 28.ninety six 17.3 5.seventy four 38.one two.eight 17.8 1.68
S52-H 38.1 fifteen.24 22.23 28.96 17.3 5.seventy four 38.1   32  
S55 41.four 17.78 22.23 28.96 17.3 5.seventy four 38.1 two.8 17.8 one.eight
S55-H 41.4 seventeen.78 22.23 28.96 seventeen.three 5.seventy four 38.1   32 two.twenty five
S55V 41.four seventeen.78 22.23 35.three twenty.7 eight.27 39.four two.9 forty five 2.22
S55R 41.four 17.78 22.23 34.5 21.2 5.seventy two 37.five 2.six 45 two.forty nine
S55RH 41.four 17.seventy eight 22.23 forty one.4 22.four eight.nine 46.4 4 eighty four.five 2.seventy four
S62 41.ninety one 19.05 twenty five.4 32 17.3 5.74 forty.six six.2 26.7 one.87
S62-H 41.91 19.05 twenty five.4 32 17.3 five.seventy four forty.six   32  
S62R-C6E forty one.91 19.05 twenty five.eight   20.one 8.5 44.6 three 42  
S62F3 forty one.91 19.05 25.four   26.2 eight forty four.eight three fifty eight.7 3.twelve
S77 fifty eight.34 18.26 22.23 31.five 26.2 8.92 forty three.2 4 forty four.5 2.66
S77-H 58.34 18.26 22.23 31.five 26.2 8.92 forty three.2   80  
S88 66.27 22.86 28.58 37.eighty five 26.2 eight.92 fifty.8 4 forty four.five three.25
S88-H sixty six.27 22.86 28.58 37.eighty five 26.2 8.ninety two fifty.8   80  
38.4R 38.4 15.88 19.05   seventeen.3 6.92 36.4 three 41.two one.7
38.4V 38.four fifteen.88 eighteen   17.three six.92 38 three fifty 1.83
38.4VB 38.four fifteen.88 19.05   26.2 eight.28 39.four two.8 62.5 2.seventeen
38.4VBF2 38.4 fifteen.88 19.05   20.five 8.28 39.one three 50 two.33
S38 38 16 21.8   21 nine 43 3 55 two
55VD forty one.four 17.eight 23   26.two 8.22 42.four three forty five two.34
55VDF1-CPEF forty one.four 17.nine 22.five   23 nine 39.seven three 50 two.sixty eight
55VF1H2 41.4 17.9 22.23   21.4 eight.22 48.4 three sixty two.ninety two
S55HF2 41.four 23 22.23   20 8.28 45.5 3 forty seven.5 4.27
S55HF1 forty one.four 17.78 22.23   twenty.four eight.28 42.8 three forty five 2.9
LV40 40 twelve 22   17.five 6 forty one 3 31.four 1.fifty three
P41.3 forty one.three fifteen.88 22.23 35.three twenty.seven 8.27 39.four 3 fifty 2.45
P40.six 40.6 fifteen.88 twenty 35.forty five twenty.seven eight.27 39.four 3 35 1.fifty five
40SH twelve.seven seven.ninety five 7.eighty four   twelve 3.ninety six 19.9 2.03 22.four .eighty two
50SH 15.875 10.16 nine.4   15.09 five.08 23.4 2.forty two 30.4 one.twenty five
60SH 19.05 11.ninety one 12.57 twenty five.54 18 five.ninety four 31.6 three.25 44.one 1.87
80SH 25.4 fifteen.88 15.seventy five   24 seven.92 37.7 four 88.two 3.one
100SH 31.75 19.05 eighteen.nine   thirty 9.53 forty six.9 four.eight 116.six four.fifty two
120SH 38.one 22.23 25.22   35.seven eleven.1 57.5 five.6 158.2 six.6
630SK 19.05 fourteen.28 nine.53 seventeen.15 18.one seven.11 28 3.six forty two 2.18
630H 19.05 11.91 9.53   18.1 five.ninety four 27.eight 3.25 forty two two.16
C40, C08A-1 twelve.seven 7.95 7.eighty five   twelve three.96 16.six one.five fourteen.1 .78
C50, C10A-one fifteen.875 ten.16 9.4   15.09 five.08 twenty.seven 2 22.two 1.27
C60, C12A-1 19.05 eleven.91 twelve.57   eighteen 5.ninety four twenty five.nine 2.forty two 31.8 one.86
C80, C16A-1 twenty five.four fifteen.88 15.seventy five   24 seven.ninety two 32.seven three.25 56.seven three.03
C100, C20A-one 31.seventy five 19.05 18.9   thirty nine.fifty three forty.4 four 88.5 4.51
C120, C24A-one 38.one 22.23 25.22   36.two eleven.1 50.3 four.eight 127 6.63
C140, C28A-1 forty four.45 twenty five.four twenty five.22   forty two.23 twelve.seventy one 59 5.6 172.4 8.52
C160, C32A-one 50.eight 28.58 31.55   forty eight.26 14.29 39.6 six.4 226.8 eleven.forty eight
08B-two twelve.7 eight.fifty one 7.seventy five   eleven.eight 4.45 32.two 1.6 32.07 one.34
12A-two 19.05 eleven.ninety one 12.fifty seven   eighteen five.ninety four fifty.5 2.42 63.six 2.92
12AH-two 19.05 11.ninety one 12.57   18 five.ninety four fifty seven.1 three.twenty five sixty three.six 3.seventy one
16A-two 25.4 15.88 fifteen.75   24.13 seven.ninety two sixty seven.1 3.26 111.two 5.fifteen



two our workshop

3 Examination Equipments


We are a leading manufacturer of mechanical transmission spare areas, as well as a number of years one particular of trustworthy and dependable suppliers for CZPTpean, America, Iran industry etc. Our major items are roller chains, conveyor chains, transmission chain, pulleys, V-belts, sprockets, spur gears, bevel gear, gear shafts, roller bearings, rollers, conveyor belts etc.

At present, For South American, CZPTpean, and Asian industry, our outstanding merchandise are fabricated according to your prerequisite and our high quality meets ISO, ASME, DIN normal.


I hope we can do organization with each other, and appear CZPT to listening to from you before long

08b-2 Agricultural Walking Tractor Chain and Rotary Cultivator Chain with 12A-2, 12ah-2, 16A-2