china factory Multiple Use Black Welded Lifting Chain with High Strength manufacturers

Product Description

Lifting chain
Lifting chain of eighty degree is indispensable lifting unit for lifting weighty object, adopt the high high quality alloy steel(manganese steel) and the other content . strict quality management thoughout  the precess , the lifting chain can get to the global standerd of 80 stage.

Lifting chain specifications:

Lifting chain software Large precision calibration confront, lifting chain.
Lifting substance Higher quality alloy metal.
Lifting chain surface area Polishing, black , dipped plastic ,electroplate.
Lifting chain producing common ISO3077,EN818-2,AS2321
Lifting chain strength  common Amount eighty ,degree 70
Lifting chain risk-free ensuience Four instances as safe, four times check load


Dimension d*p(mm) Minimun inner width(mm) Maximun outer width(mm) Fat(kg/m) Doing work load(kn) Check load (kn) breaking load(kn)
6*18 seven.5 21 .seventy nine 11 27 forty five.2
7*21 9 24.five 1.07 15 37 61.6
8*24 ten 28 one.38 20 48 eighty.four
nine*27 eleven.five thirty one.nine 24.five 61 102
10*thirty 12.five 35 2.2 32 76 a hundred twenty five
12*36 fifteen.five 42.2 3.3 forty nine 117 196
13*39 16.3 forty six three.8 fifty 128 214
14*42 eighteen forty nine 4.13 63 one hundred fifty 250
sixteen*forty eight 20 56 five.sixty three 80 192 320
eighteen*54 23 sixty three six.85 one hundred 246 410
twenty*60 25 70 8.six 125 300 five hundred

Scrap common for chain:

one.The allowable use worth of the chain shall not exceed ten% of the diameter of the ring chain bar
two.Starting up from the airplane exactly where the main ring is not bent, the primary ring shall be scrapped if it is distorted by a lot more than 10°
3.Crack, bend or twist in any portion of the chain and trapped or rigid in the hinge are prohibited when they can not be ruled out.
4.The permanent elongation of chains and solitary rings shall not exceed 5% of their first duration


The travel chain is utilised to transmit mechanical electricity when the axle distance is quick. These chains have efficient lubrication. There are the pursuing a few varieties of electrical power transmission chains. Slider or Bushing Chain Bushing Roller Chain Quiet Chain
china factory Multiple Use Black Welded Lifting Chain with High Strength manufacturers