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Product Description

CZPT High quality Double Pitch CZPT Chain  (C2050, C2060, C2080)
one. CZPT : Carbon steel, CZPT steel
two. Model: All kinds of connecting links, offest hyperlinks.

Double pitch conveyor chains 


  ISO ISO Chain No. ANSI ANSI Chain NO.  Pith Roller diameter Winth in between interior plates Pin diameter Pin duration    interior plate depth Plate thickness  UItimate  tensile strength   Average tensile strength  Fat for every meter
P d1 max b1 min d2 max L max Lc max h2 max T/t max Q min Q0   q
mm mm mm mm  mm mm mm mm kN/Ibf kN kg/m
C208A  C208L C2040 C2042 twenty five.40 seven.95 fifteen.88 7.eighty five three.ninety six 16.6 seventeen.8 12. one.50 14.1/3205 .5   084
C208AH C2040H twenty five.40 seven.95 7.eighty five 3.96 eighteen.8 19.nine twelve. two.03 14.1/3205 seventeen.two .65
C208B C208BL   25.40 eight.fifty one fifteen.88 seven.75 4.forty five 18.2 11.eight 1.sixty 18./4091 19.4 .55  .89
C210A C210AL C2050 C2052 31.75 ten.16 19.05 nine.40 five.08 22.two fifteen. 2.03 22.2/5045 .78  1.27
C212A C212AL C2060 C2062 38.10 eleven.91 22.23 12.fifty seven five.ninety four twenty five.nine 18. 2.forty two 31.8/7227 36.8 one.12  1.61
C212AH C212AHL C2060H  C2062H 38.10 11.ninety one 22.23 12.fifty seven five.ninety four 29.2 31.6 eighteen. three.twenty five 31.8/7227 41.six 1.44  2.07 
C216A C216AL C2080 C2082 fifty.80 15.88 28.58 15.75 7.ninety two 36.5 24. three.twenty five 56.7/12886 2.08 3.12
C216AH C216AHL C2080H C2082H fifty.eighty fifteen.88 28.fifty eight fifteen.75 7.92 36.two 39.4 24. 4.00 56.7/12886 70. 2.54 3.58
C220A C220AL C2100 C2102 63.fifty 19.05 39.67 18.ninety 9.53 40.four thirty. 4.00 88.5/20114 102.6 three.01  4.83
C220AH C220AHL C2100H C2102H 63.50 19.05 39.67 eighteen.ninety nine.53 43.six 46.9 thirty. 4.80 88.5/20114 112.four three.fifty six 5.38
C224A C224AL C2120 C2122 seventy six.twenty 22.23 44.45 twenty five.22 eleven.ten 50.3 fifty four.3 35.7 4.eighty 127./28864 147.3 four.66 7.66
C224AH C224AHL C2120H C2122H 76.twenty 22.23 forty four.forty five 25.22 eleven.ten fifty three.five 57.five 35.7 five.sixty 127./28864 160.nine five.26 8.26
C232A C232L C2160 C2162 101.60 28.58 57.fifteen 31.75 fourteen.27 64.eight sixty nine.6 47.8 6.forty 226.8/51545 278.9 eight.15  thirteen.
C232AH C232L C2160H C2162 one zero one.sixty 28.fifty eight 57.15 31.75 fourteen.27 68.2 seventy three. forty seven.eight seven.20 226.8/51545 285.eight nine.06  13.84

 Products are produced of higher good quality alloy steel manufacturing. The plates are punched and squeezed bores by precision technological innovation. The pin, bush, roller are machined by substantial-performance automatic tools and computerized grinding equipment, then by means of heat remedy of carburization, carbon and nitrogen security mesh belt furnace, floor blasting method and many others. Assembled precision by Inside gap placement, spin riveted by stress to make sure the overall performance of the total chain.

Technique Remedy
one Shot Peening eight Tempering
two Bluing nine Oiling
3 Nickel-plated ten Greasing
4 Zincing 11 Particular colour
5 Warmth Treatment 12 Stain proofing
6 Carburizing thirteen Pre-stretched and anti-exhaustion
seven Quenching    

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five. Shipping and delivery by air mail or ship for your orders.
Why pick us
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six. We covering a creation region of 18750 square meters have a lot more than two hundred employees and we have a total established of tests gear to make certain CZPT good quality.

Whether you are constructing from scratch or updating an present undertaking, obtaining the correct measurement for your roller chain is a crucial initial selection. To correctly measure a roller chain, you need to know the general width, diameter, and width of the rollers, plate thickness, and peak.
china best High Quality Double Pitch Conveyor Chain manufacturers